A successful project requires to undergo thorough surveying and mapping processes to ensure its safety and success rate.  That is where an organization like Utility Mapping plays a major role.  Utility Mapping is a Sydney based company that specializes in offering survey and mapping services to various sectors such as utilities, facility management, environmental, and infrastructure.

Utility Mapping is among the utility mapping Sydney companies that have been around for a long time.  Utility Mapping has grown and positioned itself strategically in the market.  The following is a brief explanation of their core services.

Utility Surveys

 Through the use of technologies such as high-frequency induction, geophysical, and electromagnetic, the company is able to search underground for the known and unknown structures.  Through innovative ideas, Utility Mapping has managed to record a huge success rate in its industry.

Bim and Cad Modeling

The company also offers computer-aided designs (Cad) services and 3D modeling.   Utility Mapping puts enfaces on recruiting the best skilled and experienced laborforce in the market.  The teams understand what is required of them when dealing with 3D modeling projects.

Survey and Non-destructive Digging:

Safety and speed is vital in this line of work and non-destructive digging offers this option.  This technique has allowed experts to collect important data regarding the utility such as size, type and configuration.  Ground penetrating radar services has allowed important data to be discovered and stored.

Geographic Information System (GIS) and Augview:

Utility Mapping is one of the companies to deploy and offer augmented reality services in this industry successfully.  The application is known as Augview.  Augview has allowed people to make infield decisions quicker than before.

Concrete Scanning

Reinforced steel and in-concrete utilities requires high-level technology when dealing with them. This technology helps them avoid any problems when cutting. Know more about concrete scanning Sydney.

Quality Insurance and Safety:

Utility Mapping ensures that it follows all the procedures that offer safety and well-being of the environment. It has championed the environment preservation causes. It ensures that all the technology and procedures undertaken to carry out its daily business are environmentally approved.  The company has engaged in various campaigns in an attempt of spreading an awareness of conserving environment.

Utility Mapping through its services has allowed preservation of important data and information.  By deploying and using their technology, projects can now be broken down into manageable tasks. Utility Mapping has managed to cut itself a path in the industry.

For more info about Utility Mapping and the services they provide, visit their website by searching on Google; Utility Mapping Sydney.


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